Pilgrim Ramblings is a blog written by Daniel Sharples. Currently, I am a teacher in the Kansas City, MO public school district. I am a fan of stories, so this is a place for them. Hope you enjoy…


The understanding of the title “Pilgrim Ramblings”:

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word pilgrim as : traveler, especially one who is on a sacred journey. I like the idea that somehow we are all on this same journey, whether we acknowledge it or not. This journal (blog) is part of my hope that ideas and new thoughts can spring up from the well of discussion on God and theological subjects that take place here. Hopefully this can influence and remind us of the “sacred” part of the journey. But also what is bound to follow are my own and others “ramblings”. Webster’s defines ramble as: leisurely stroll – or to wander aimlessly. This is significant to me because I can tend to ramble and thus wander about aimlessly in conversation and in life. This creates in me a tension, as I am often caught in between being lost and found, doubting and believing, complex and simple, heretic and orthodox. I want to recognize the pilgrimage that we have been called to, but at times I have the tendency to walk about without direction, even when it is thrown directly into my face. I hope this can be a safe place for my readers to express themselves as well… the misdirections as well as the journey of life.

Grace and peace


One response to “About

  1. Thomas Muldoon


    The catalogist in me wants to know where you were
    educated and where you attend worship (assuming that
    you do).

    Didn’t Jesus say that many would come in their own
    name and people would accept them? Better to be in
    submission to a body of believers: Roman Catholic, Presbyterian Church in America, Southern Baptist, etc.
    Richard John Neuhaus’ magazine FIRST THINGS is such a
    presentation of the Christian world view, as is WORLD
    Magazine, edited by Marvin Olasky.

    I’m preaching to myself because I’m not very submissive
    either, but I hope you get my drift.

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