Lent (Day 9): Blindness

Today I think about how easy it is to stay blind to things in life. A willful blindness that is. How often do I make that drive towards my house near downtown and don’t give a second thought about that homeless woman I saw walking the sidewalk? This is but one example of a variety of ways in which I often neglect reflection. I am astonished by how much routine I allow into my life so that I don’t have to face the more difficult realities at play in my life and in the lives of others.  So preoccupied with the day’s activities and things to do, I can’t allow for interruption. It’s not really that I can’t, it is that I won’t. I choose blindness because that seems easier to cope with, if I am in the dark how can I help?

Do you ever see this in yourself? Can you identify ways in which you have allowed yourself to be willfully blind? One of the most powerful things I find about Lent is that it is a time that beckons interruption. It is all about waking up, facing the light of the day, seeing clearer. It is disruption of the status quo, it is a call to find a different posture towards life that is less about our comfort. In that way it is an unveiling. For as we let go of the things that help us to stay blind, we may at first experience the blurriness of recovering vision but it will eventually lead us to see the clearness of the day that is Easter.

We pray that this be so. Amen


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