This word is somewhat loaded for me. I think that when I hear it I get a mental image of someone who is either punishing themselves physically or sitting in a cramped library with stacks of books around them and trying diligently to study and prepare for a big test. Basically it is a painful word for me, and I think that when it comes to my own life I often run as fast as I can mentally to get away from actually trying to incorporate discipline in my own life.

But the more I actually attempt to set some boundaries with myself, especially in regards to managing my time and trying to create time to do things like writing, I realize how much more I need some structure in my life. Now, there are of course  extremes to this and so many of us do not sit well with living in between being “free” with our time and giving organization to it. However I do feel that I have to make some more attempts to be more strident in creating some type of structure, because the things I say I really want to do (write, read, plan for grad school), I really am not committing to much so I need to allow myself some time to do these things. I am just kind of writing stream of consciousness here but I hope it makes sense. I am hoping to be more committed to blogging as well, and I need you to hold me accountable! OK, that is all for now…


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  1. well, yeah, a structured week is no fun! but i think what works well is to say “i’m going to read for an hour today…and not put it off till right before bed” that lends itself to structure and organization, but if it feels too much like an obligation, it won’t be much fun.

    i’ve been rebuilding my Lego collection and at first it was quite a bit of fun. several thousand pieces later and it’s still fun, but feels like something i HAVE to get done. its like ‘bleh, what’s next.’ but that’s what going on the road for the entire month of Feb will cure…i’ll be itching to get back to my office, dig out all the pieces and stay up late searching for a Gray 2×1 Block.

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