The Return…

It has now been ten days since my official return to the United States from my European vacation. I have told several people that I would blog some of my journal entries during my trip and include some photos. I might start later today but if not I will definitely start posting within the next few days. I need to clean up the entries a bit, they are a little raw at the moment. Not like there is extreme use of obscenities or anything, its just that I can’t handle bad writing, and so I need to make sure they are more prepared for readers so that they are actually coherent. Well, hope to post soon…



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2 responses to “The Return…

  1. Welcome back! How many irish car bombs did you have over there?

    Coherent? C’mon….we want to know how Europe was! I think a nice long rambling train of though post is in order.

    Prepared? Are these going to be topical posts, chronological, a ‘best of’, list of souveniers, or what?

    PS–Comment on my blog

  2. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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