Going to Europe!!!

I know its been a long while since I posted a blog, but part of the reason for the silence is because over the last few weeks I have been planning a trip to western Europe with my friend Charley and Chad. And as of this past Sunday night, we have officially booked a flight to Europe! We’ll be flying into Dublin actually and spending a couple of days in Ireland, and from there we will actually get onto the continent and fly into Rome. The trip will last almost five weeks and we are basically backpacking the whole way, taking the trains across countries, staying in hostels, walking the streets. This is a trip I have wanted to go on for years now and the fact that it is actually beginning to happen is extremely exciting and at the same time scary. As much as this is going to be a personal journey and also a time for bonding with friends, I believe that there is a huge spiritual pilgrimage that is awaiting me there as I travel for over a month.

Part of the desire to travel and spend an extended time in Europe comes out of the longing to get away from the normal distractions and responsibilities that pervade my life, if just for a little while. I idea that I will not check my email inbox everyday, to see if I have any new text messages or missed calls on my cell phone, to not worry about what is going on at work and if the people around me love me, all the things that take up a lot of my time will be put away for awhile and it will be just me and my friends experiencing new things and meeting new people. I plan on journaling everyday and depending on how personal they get, I might post some of my entries on the blog. I’ve actually thought about composing a book one day based on my experience there. I think that as much I write this blog in order to tell you the good news in my life, I also use it as a prayer for God to move in my life and show me his love ever again, to experience who he is as I go on this journey.


 — Daniel



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6 responses to “Going to Europe!!!

  1. sweet man! don’t over-do it in ireland on Car Bombs (and DONT call them that there).

    im sure it will be great to unplug from everything and live an adventure. a month sounds like a great amount of time.

    hope you have a good digital camera so you can upload pics. some friends went to europe and said (for anyone going) to get a telephoto lens for all the cool arcitecture.

    whenre you heading out? taking a leave of absence from work, or just leaving leaving?

  2. oh yeah,

    ………………hubby of supermom

  3. zman1

    you gonna play in pick up b-ball games and show the euros how to hoop?

  4. jason

    good to hear from you. glad you occasionally check up on this much blog, though i have been ignoring it as of late. we depart from chicago on the 15th of october and will basically be gone almost five weeks. i will be back in tulsa probably the 16th of november. im taking a leave from work and they have been very generous with me so i will work there when i get back. how are you guys doing?


    i watched the fiba world tourney recently and remembered how good those euros are getting at b-ball. even though the usa smoked most of the teams, it wasnt without a fight. i’ll just take care of my game here west of the atlantic

  5. Have you gotten back from Europe yet?

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