Jesus and Free Market Fundamentalism

A professor at Colorado Christian University was fired recently due to his controversial teaching and critique of the free enterprise system. If you would, take the time to read this article and tell me what you think. There are many questions that immediately come to mind for me here. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard about a professor at a Christian institution getting fired for teaching on non-doctrinal related issues. So this isn’t really a question of heresy, its more telling of how politics have become doctrine for many Christians.  So, what are your thoughts?



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3 responses to “Jesus and Free Market Fundamentalism

  1. Imaganova

    argh! This is the kind of thing that frustrates me about the ‘Christian Right’. I have my political opinions and ideas of what economic systems ultimately best honor God and I may or may not agree with someone else’s opinion, but when a Christian institution fails to treat the opinion of another with respect, right, wrong or unclear, it reflects poorly on the maturity of Christians in general. Stuff like this causes many non-Christians to dismiss the church as a exclusive group of judgmental, right-wing nuts. The ability to listen to and understand another’s differing opinion, whether you believe it is right or wrong or it whether it really is, shows that you respect the other person enough to believe that at least the intention behind their opinion is good, even if the opinion is misinformed. The Bible is silent on many political issues on a societal level, because in ancient times, with few exceptions, people were not able to debate and vote on issues like we are today. In some cases instructions about personal conduct can be written into laws for the whole country, but other commandments may not scale well into national policy. I wish we could spend less time talking about how to fix the world from the top down and more time doing things to fix it from the bottom up.

  2. Odd that they equate capitalism with Christianity.

    I feel that a better idea is what R. H. Tawney said on the subject in 1926.

    “Compromise is as impossible between the Church of Christ and the idolatry of wealth, which is the practical religion of capitalist societies, as it was between the Church and the state idolatry of the Roman Empire.”

    The American Evangelical Church has been seduced by wealth and power, and consumed with lust for more. Yet, Christ still bleeds for His poor.

  3. anglopressy

    I was just re-reading this post and I was reminded of the interview Bill Moyers did with Martin Marty last night. At one point Marty was talking about a church in Texas where the millionaire oil tycoon didn’t want any sermons referencing the world today. It had to be spiritual, other-worldly. Otherwise it might cause some problems for people.

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