Weekend of Over-Stimulation

This past weekend I got to hang out with some good friends for my friend Matt’s bachelor party. We traveled down to Irving, TX and hung out in Ft. Worth (which in my opinion is one of the coolest cities around) and Dallas. I will not go into the details of the weekend but I will say that it was really fun, though we did so much that I feel I must detox over the next couple of days by simply doing nothing! Here are some highlights:

The Flying Saucer (great bar that has Fat Tire!)

Four Day Weekend, which is an improvisational comedy group that is absolutely hilarious, I left with a headache because I was laughing so much!

Milk Chug 2007! My friend has attempted it four times now, and each time ends up with him puking! He finally made it to the trash can this time. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out The Gallon Challenge.

Chipotle. After hearing my friend Eric rave about this place for years and being skeptical of the hype, I must now confess that Chipotle is awesome.

Dave and Buster’s. Way too much time spent playing skee-ball and basketball. When your arms start to hurt from shooting the little basketballs so many times, that is a sign that you have gone too far.

Speed Zone, go-carts galore!

Not a highlight but definately noteworthy: a sprained ankle for yours truly. My foot found a pothole while I was chasing a football, the result was not pretty…

Oh well, it was a great weekend and I am definately over-stimulated! Hope your weekend was just as fun…



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5 responses to “Weekend of Over-Stimulation

  1. Glad I could be a part of your over stimulation. I like all the click-through links.

    I had such a great weekend. I’m very glad you could come, it meant alot that you were there.

    I hope you ankle heals up well. If it had to happen I’m glad it happened on the last day vs. the first and you would have only hurt it more hobbling around to shoot basketball for 75 cents, when there’s free courts all over the place.

  2. anglopressy

    I love the Saucer. I go to the one in Houston every time I’m there.

    They’re building a CChipotle in Edmond, so I hear.

  3. A certain strapping young man who goes by the name of Eric told me that there is going to be a Chipotle in Tulsa. That would be nice. Of course, Eric also thought that ORU was a part of the Big 12 Conference too, so who knows if that is actually true?

  4. anglopressy

    I don’t know if they’re going to build one there or not. But I also don’t know why I put that extra “C” in Chipotle.

  5. There will be Chipotle in the redeemed earth.

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