Easter Sights and Sounds

I think this past Easter season was by far my favorite, Lent was spiritually exhausting yet rich in lessons I have learned about myself, others, and God. What might seem really odd to some but is normal for me is that I didn’t really read the scriptures more or spend more time in prayer (by prayer I mean time set aside). I think, as Buechner says it best, I just began listening to my life. More than ever, I became acutely aware of my inner desires, the resounding gong of my selfishness, the countless times I have tried to polish this image of myself that I present to others in various showcases. I could go on about how dark my soul is, but then again I don’t want to depress myself nor anyone who reads this any longer.

One of the things gained in this Lenten season has been a fresh outlook on how people form and shape my life, how the voice of God is always speaking but in places I never imagined, how the things I speak are really prayers for myself and for others. Hope longed for, not always achieved, can still be beautiful in and of itself. I think it is a part of God’s inaugurated and yet still approaching kingdom. Dreams are good, they can keep us waiting in times where we are ready to throw up our hands in defeat. I think that is what Christ has showed me this Easter, that hope is good, and it is the best of things at times. I hope in the person of Christ, for his resurrection to manifest itself in my own new life. I hope that people will continue to not give up on me, that they keep showering me with the love of God. I hope that I can contribute to others in a way that flows out of love and produces hope. I hope… 

Also, I wanted to incorporate the music, books, and films I enjoyed during the season that can serve as a backdrop for the things I was experiencing along the way. I got this idea from Anthony over at postmodernegro.wordpress.com


Derek Webb- basically all of I See Things Upside Down- I Repent, Medication, Lover pt. 2, and What is Not Love were my favorite songs on this album

Denison Witmer- favorite songs were: Are You Lonely?, Finding Your Feet Again, 22, You Could Be Anything, Are You a Dreamer

Rosie Thomas- These Friends of Mine album


Free of Charge- Miroslav Volf

Telling the Truth: The Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy and Fairy Tale- Frederick Buechner

Following Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Discipleship- N.T. Wright


How to Kill and Be Killed- Derek Webb, Stranger Than Fiction, The Departed, Blood Diamond, Adaptation


Congrats to Rob on getting ordained this Easter. Rob has been a pastor for a long time, and didn’t need to be ordained to prove it or jumpstart his pastoral “career”. He has been a shepherd to many people, and I am happy to see so many gather around Rob and his family to honor his ministry. Going to OKC was great, I love the community at Fusion for it is very much like a second home to me. Grace and Peace



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2 responses to “Easter Sights and Sounds

  1. “Dreams are good, they can keep us waiting in times where we are ready to throw up our hands in defeat.”

    Very nice. Thanks for a great post.

  2. Thanks, bro. If there weren’t people like you, people who speak encouraging words to, in a sense, “call” people out to their God-given roles, there would be no true pastors. A leader with no followers is a loner, a rebel. And, seriously, who wants to be Pee-Wee? Gracias.

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