In light of my future review of Judith M. Kunst’s The Burning Word: A Christian Encounter with Jewish Midrash, I wanted to give a simple definition of sorts of what midrash is. It is hard to try and pin down what midrash is because by its very definition it is something that escapes full description. So my attempt at a definition is shaky at best, but here we go: Midrash is a type of exegesis, a way of interpreting the scriptures (both Hebrew and Greek) in a way that provides for constant reinterpretation and allows the questioning and exploration of words, phrases, meanings, and structures of given passages. Every word is meaningful since it is God-breathed. Midrash in Hebrew means “to search out”. What is implied in all of this is a playful and yet highly reverent way of turning over and digesting the text, hoping to create continual dialogue over the many meanings of given texts. Midrash study hopes to probe the unfamiliar and foreignness of the scriptures in order to give us a better glimpse into the mystery of God and his limitless possibilities.

Now, if that definition does not help you then that is probably my fault but hopefully that will be remedied through my upcoming reviews. Let me know if you can articulate this better…

(My first review should be Friday over the first 3 chapters, see you then)


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