Pilgrim Ramblings presents… Jared (New blogger)


My friend and fellow N.T. Wright enthusiast Jared Thomasson is now going to be a contributor to this blog (Yes, he is the man sticking his tongue in my ear in the picture above). Jared is a great thinker, and he probably is more widespread in his thoughts than most people I know, so he’ll probably have posts on various topics from music to philosophy and politics to history. So those of you who read this blog will actually have some new material to think about! Hopefully he will post more than Eric, which if he posts just once then he will have surpassed him. Rob’s not posting a lot these days but he has more on his plate than the rest of us right now, but hopefully he’ll return soon.

Well that is all for now.



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3 responses to “Pilgrim Ramblings presents… Jared (New blogger)

  1. I’m very glad you chose that picture. I think Jared will be a great addition to the fast to think/slow to write group that is Pilgrim Ramblings.

  2. anglopressy

    I’ll show the Matthew. Wait’ll he sees what goes in his ear.

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