I have finished the Volf book and currently I am working on the first draft of the second part of my series to Free of Charge, should be posted tomorrow night. I will just warn you ahead of time and say that my conclusion to Volf’s book is going to actually be in three parts now. There is just too much information on forgiveness and its implications, and I feel that to gloss over it would be a travesty. Not that I have so many readers to worry about, just that I need to work that stuff out myself and writing it down helps me think about it more. So hope those who are out there will like what is coming up…

Giving and Forgiving in a Culture Stripped of Grace



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2 responses to “Revisions

  1. Jared

    It sounds like this book review is turning into Christian Origins and the Question of Dan. It’ll be five books… No six. I look forward to reading what you post. I check this blog almost once a day.

  2. N.T. Wright is the man. I am not.

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