Over the last decade, music has profoundly impacted my life and has led to some real formation in how I approach this world and interpret it. I wonder how you deal with music? Is it something that allows you to get out certain feelings? Does it convey something in you that you would not be able to articulate yourself? Is it just an escape? Does it deal with life as you experience it or is it just a distraction?

This will probably be a continual post as there is a lot of music that I appreciate, but I wanted to post a few albums that have had a deep impact on my life. Whether it is the overall message conveyed, the simple artistry and beauty of it all, or the lyrics, these few albums have staked a claim in my life:

A Rush of Blood to the Head

Coldplay/ Rush of Blood to the Head: An obvious pick in some respects, simple and yet beautifully rich, an album for those who wear their hearts on their sleeves at times.

The Best of 1980-1990

U2/ Best of 1980-1990: I almost put Joshua Tree on here but I felt that this album itself really shaped my devotion to this band. Bono is an understated lyricist, and The Edge’s sound is unique and piercing. This album is special to me because I listened to it around the time I started to see Christ really move in my life.


Damien Rice/ O: Haunting and yet mellow.

Winter Pays for Summer

Glen Phillips/ Winter Pays for the Summer: I love Phillip’s voice and I think he writes some great stuff. I’m a huge Toad the Wet Sprocket fan so I think that I was immediately drawn to his music though this is a bit different than Toad’s work.

The Dust of Retreat

Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s/ The Dust of Retreat: Cool sound, simply put.


Pearl Jam/ Binaural: I first listened to the band with this album, then went backwards on to Yield, which is my favorite, but this one got me hooked so I think I’ll add this one instead for now.


Ron Sexsmith/ Retriever: Love this guy, he’s probably my favorite British musician

Ghosts of the Great Highway

Sun Kil Moon/ Ghosts of the Great Highway: I watched Shopgirl one day, heard about this band, and have been a fan since





Toad the Wet Sprocket/ Coil: Probably no other album has shaped my life as much as this one

I See Things Upside Down

Derek Webb/ I See Things Upside Down: Honest music + honest musician = greatness

Music for the Morning After

Pete Yorn/ Music for the Morning After: Just cool rock music


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  1. Jared

    I can’t say that any of the artists/albums on that list have had anywhere near the effect on me that Derek Webb has. When I was in high school Derek was still in Caedmon’s and I got to see them perform not only at their concerts but every Sunday night the half of the band that lived in Houston would play at Second Baptist’s Logos.

    Derek’s music with Caedmon’s resonated with me because I didn’t have to read into the lyrics to see my life. There was a guy who missed home, got hurt in relationships, had close friends to confide in and share his faith, looked to his family for who he was, had mentors who added on to what his family had given and made of him and the list goes on and on. These are all things that he put at the surface of his songs.

    Then when I first got to OKC Derek’s solo career started. On She Must and Shall Go Free Derek spoke to the church about the church. At a time when I felt like maybe I’d been wrong for thinking it all along he said that if I loved Jesus I had to love the church. I was encouraged to seek communion with my brothers and sisters again.

    Then I See Things Upside Down came along. What can I say? Once again Derek encouraged me to remember the things I been taught and struggled with for years. Around the time that this album came out I was going on two years of not sleeping well because my family was falling apart. In response to that God sent the song Medication. To speak to a situation a little later God gave me Reputation, I Want a Broken Heart and I Repent.

    Then Mockingbird told me what I was saying already.

    I look forward to any more posts you have on music. I’m kind of tempted to check out some of the stuff I haven’t heard from your list.

    You should post some movies next.

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