Books Series and Other Thoughts for the Day (Daniel)

Ok I’ve been kinda busy today so there won’t be much blogging, but I will just say that I will finish part 2 of my review on Volf’s Free of Charge on Wednesday. The weekend was full of activities so I did not have a chance to finish the book, thus delaying my second post.

I will be doing two book review over the next two weeks, next week I will delve into The Burning Word by Judith Kunst, which is about reading Scripture under the guide of Jewish midrash. I will give a definition of midrash early next week and then we’ll be under way. The week after that I will be reading Missing the Mark by Mark Biddle, which is about the idea of sin in biblical theology.

So let’s get to thoughts for the day:

(1) Kobe Bryant is going off lately in games, scoring 50 and 60+ for the Lakers, but what do we think about him so far and what will his legacy be? Will we remember him more because of the hard fouls, the poor sportsmanship, and the rape charge/extramarital affair? Is he going to be considered one of the greats?

(2) What did you think of the NCAA Tournament this weekend? Even though they defeated my Tar Heels, I sorta like the story behind Georgetown, with the sons of John Thompson and Patrick Ewing coaching and playing for the Hoyas respectively. I really don’t want to see Florida win it again, not much of a Noah fan even though I like Billy Donovan. I think that UCLA’s coach Ben Howland is a lot better coach than I gave him credit for earlier, taking his Bruins to two straight Final Fours.

(3) I’m a little late to these films, but recently I watched Before Sunrise and Before Sunset and let me just tell you that if I every marry, my future wife and I will have to watch those films before we decide to get hitched. Great dialogue, fantastic scenery, and two well-trained actors just imitating life.

(4) If you’re in Tulsa tonight, come play volleyball with some friends and me at 71st and Riverside. We’ll be there at 6pm and if it rains then we’ll watch a movie at someone’s house.

Okay that is it for today…



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3 responses to “Books Series and Other Thoughts for the Day (Daniel)

  1. MF

    Afternoon Dan!

    Hadn’t heard of those movies before, they look interesting.

    Woo Hoo Volleyball. I’m looking forward to it. But a movie would be good too. No real rain so far so that’s good.

    Todd questioned us bringing out Volleyball so soon. He thinks by the time it gets much warmer people will be burnt out by the thought of volleyball. I then shut the door in his face. Ridiculously closed minded people!

  2. What is Todd thinking, the sooner the better. I wonder if we should kick him out of the club?

  3. lifeinaminorkey

    I like to watch “Before Sunrise/Before Sunset” and imagine that Jesse and Celine are being portrayed by Ru Paul and Dudley Moore.

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