The Body

Over the past couple of weeks, I have really been able to put some flesh on the bones of certain ideas that have been running through my head for a few years now. Many of us talk about what it means to live communally, to give to one another, to deny ourselves and seek the good of the other, to essentially be the church. St. Paul’s favorite metaphor for the church was the body, and I am beginning to see why that image is so appropriate.

We are all so different, with our various talents and gifts that make us unique, but whose real purpose is to channel those gifts to the people around us. Today I read Barefoot Poet’s Tribute to his  family and friends and I am reminded again of what true community looks like. The Barefoot Poet and I share the same community of Christ followers known as Rivendell Fellowship, and as I read his blog what got me most was his description of how people gave to him and his family and how he was humbled by the whole process. I just wanted to echo what BP said and state that my faith has been emboldened these past few weeks, and I have seen the body of Christ mature in ways that I thought were only talked about. I have seen the tears and pain of my friends, I have heard the confusion and anger of people searching for answers, I have observed the comforting of people lost in the chaos of life, and I have listened to them laugh because at times that is all they had to offer, and above all this and through all of this I have seen people be honest with themselves and one another, and I have seen Christ move in the lives of these people I gather with. Buzz words like fellowship and community hold a special place in my heart once again, and I just wanted to thank those who are a part of this community for helping me restore those ideas, because it is so easy to get caught up in the language of it all, and we so often forget that Christ really meant what he said.  I love you all and I am so thankful that my journey has led me to be a part of your lives too.

 Grace and Peace


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  1. Right on, brother, thanks for capturing this in words and thanks for being who you are and by my side through the process.

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