Vox Community and Some other Side Notes… (Daniel)

Well Mark has already introduced this on his blog but I thought I might as well to my readers. For those interested, some of us have decided to start a small community out South (Tulsa) and we will be meeting at Mark Riddle’s home on Sunday nights at 5:30pm. This group is somewhat hard to describe and categorize, its like a Rivendell offshoot/ bible study (thought I hate that terminology)/ gathering of sorts. Pretty much we’ll eat a meal and enjoy some conversation and then we’ll read scripture and dialogue more about it and what it means for us to follow God in the way of Christ.  For those tied to Rivendell, you are more than welcome to come and join in, for those not associated with the church or any other church, feel free to come and interact with other people. We’ve decided to call it Vox, which in Latin means “voice”.  If you would like more info on it, please call me at 918-527-6012. Oh yeah, I’ll be cooking this first week so come enjoy some great food. We start this Sunday, February 11th.

In other news…

And since I know you were dying to know about my shoe decision, I decided to suspend any further anxiety and have included a link to an image of the aforementioned shoes. Your welcome.

Also, I found a link to a young photographer in Oklahoma City who is doing some wonderful work

And finally, I have been watching a lot of Frontline lately, via internet on their website. They have a great archive section, so check it out sometime if you have the chance.

Ok that is all for today, take care



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3 responses to “Vox Community and Some other Side Notes… (Daniel)

  1. I used to read Mark Riddle’s blog all the time. I actually quit when I found out he helped start Westmoore Community Church (a big church in Moore), which to me is the epitome of the pop seeker-sensitive megachurch (LifeChurch, anyone?). That place still makes me want to destroy something. I know, I’m a jerk.

  2. riddle

    Just for clarity Rob, I didn’t help start Westmoore Community church, though I do some consulting with them. Paul the pastor is a long time friend of mine as well. There are certainly things WCC does do that I won’t do, but it sounds like you are a bit reactionary and judgemental. WCC and LifeChurch are radically different animals. It certainly no skin off my back if you choose not to read my blog, but get your facts straight. 🙂
    Maybe you can swing by on a Sunday night and join us. I’ll be similcasting the discussion from my bedroom to the living room and there will be a punk rock show before we start in the kitchen.

  3. Jared

    I think it’s cool that you guys will be incorporating a meal into how you do things. One of the things that Scott and I had talked about for the next book discussion is having it be a full celebration with a meal evertime we eat. One of my favorite things aobut growing up in baptist churches was that once a month we would eat together. We called it covered dish, but when I got older I heard people calling it pot-luck. I’d really like to know what the meals looked like in the first century church. So far everything that I’ve read on the subject has been pretty vague. I’m not sure if what we call communion was just a meal co-opted by and establishment to ceremonialize things or it was a ceremony at the beginning of a meal. Either way, we need to take the physical, day-to-day things that we do and make them part of our communal worship. One of the thins I find interesting about the Qumran community is that food was considered to be a concrete way of expressing one’s membership in that group.

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