Rich Church, Poor Church

Some of you may know this, but for those who don’t know, I (Daniel) work with adolescents on a Behavioral Health Services unit at a hospital here in Tulsa. Yesterday, as the kids were hanging out in their rooms, I was doing room checks and noticed one of the patients playing with legos in his room . He had basically set up a small city so I dropped by to a closer look at his creation. A side note, of all the teenagers on this unity, he is the youngest in age and most in touch with his childhood. Well, as he was setting up his lego metropolis, I noticed that one of the buildings he created had a cross on top of it. This structure was signifigantly larger than the other buildings, and when I asked him what it was, he answered that it was in fact a church.

Then he pulled out a much smaller building that he had kept in the lego bucket that also had a cross on it, this was, in his words “the poor church!”. He continued, “This is the rich church (pointing back to the megachurch), and across the city in another neighborhood is the poor church.” It was at once the funniest and the saddest moment of the day. Funny because he created a megachurch in the first place and sad because such polarization between communities and churches is a reality. This kid, quite young and confused at this period of life, realizes that even the church is unjust, torn apart, and filled with class and caste systems. After I asked him what he thought about all that, he responded by saying “I think that people need to get past their differences and start realizing they serve the same God, they need to get past their denominations, and if they are rich they need to help out those who are poor.”

Well said…


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  1. Jared

    Maybe this sounds a bit trite, but I think that one of the first things that needs to happen is a transformation that makes us lose our attachment to buildings at all. As long as we (those who make up the church) are in the habit of going to and not being church there’s a problem, because we can’t grasp the Kingdom of God in spirit and truth going to a building. That happens by the Spirit who places causes us to be together, all the time.

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