Listen to this Guy with Shoes! (Daniel)

 So, the other day I went to put on my trusty shoes, my gray New Balance 574’s, and realized that there were taking on sandal like qualities, which is a really sarcastic way of saying that they have a couple of holes and cracks in them. I can’t tell you how much I like these shoes, they are so comfortable and lovely to wear that I have purchases them two times in a row now. If that is fashionally questionable, I shall redirect you to Scot McKnight’s blog and the dialogue that is taking place on this very issue.  Now, let me return to the situation at hand and state that I do believe it is high time for me venture into new shoe territory. I might buy a couple of pairs, one for running and work, and the other for more casual wear. For my first pair, I was thinking about the New Balance zip 8505’s, here is picture:

New Balance Men's 8505 - Silver/Navy

For the more casual, everyday shoes I really like the Born Tribune’s, pictured below:




Anybody got any other ideas? What shoes do you like?




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3 responses to “Listen to this Guy with Shoes! (Daniel)

  1. Jared

    My mom got me some Land’s End shoes a few years back and they still suit me pretty well. Best part is their stuff is pretty cheap.

  2. Both choices look really cool to me, I’m a huge New Balance fan. Are you running a lot? I’m trying to kick that part of my lifestyle change into gear.

  3. BP

    I want to answer your question with a “Well, I have been making time for running and I am feeling much better about myself for doing so.” However, that would be a lie, and though I wish I were making some time to run the truth of it is is that I am still in the “want to” stage! I blame my paralysis on the fact that my iPod needs to be fixed, therefore my running is stunted because my music is not there to get me going!

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