Great music… (Rob)

I got a lot of great stuff for Christmas, but this is by far one of my favs…

Rosie Thomas (get all of her albums), Denison Witmer (I love most of his stuff), and Sufjan Stevens. Together.



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4 responses to “Great music… (Rob)

  1. Eric told me about Witmer one day and so I listened to him and really enjoyed his music. Per your recommendation, I ckecked out some Rosie Thomas today and I am hooked! Kind of cool that she lived with Sufjan Stevens and Witmer, bet that was cool. Thanks for the tunes Rob.

  2. I use the word cool way too much

  3. Rob

    My favorite Rosie Thomas album is “When We Were Small.” Beautiful.

  4. Zephyrsbound

    Great rec. I listened to it online and loved it, so now I own it. Thank you for pointing me towards some beautiful music.

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