Some ramblings…

My pastor, Kyle, has some ramblings over on his blog, and since I can’t seem to type anything of value I will at least type out some ramblings of my own. I mean, hey, it’s written in the “About” section that there will tend to be some meaningless stuff on here so please don’t hold me accountable for what I am about to write:

  • This weekend I am heading to Little Rock, AR with some Rivendell folk (weather permitting) for a Brennan Manning conference. I am hoping that we will make it, I have wanted to go to this for quite some time.
  • If I’m gone during the weekend, can we get some comments from readers about how we want to hear from Mr. Eric Jensen? There is a reason I wanted him to contribute to this blog, and yet he has not given me the satisfaction of reading any of his posts. Rob, on the other hand, has been really persistent with his writing and I like to read his stuff, also I like the fact that Rob is becoming an N.T. Wright fan. That is good news my friends!
  •  I’m becoming fans of the bands Pedro the Lion (now extinct) and Copeland. Good sounds and good messages. Music needs both, and most popular music these days lacks both. Why the disconnect?
  • Is anyone else watching college basketball this year? UNC beat # 1 Ohio State! Did I not tell you that they would be good? Remember? I’m hoping Jeff Capel can turn around the OU basketball program (quiet Kyle- I know you have an opinion on that), he’s got the Duke past but will he have a Duke-like future?

Well that is all from me. Have a good weekend and I hope to start posting some stuff next week to get into a better writing groove. Take care and be safe on the roads (if you live in the midwest)!


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  1. Rob

    Eric is too busy watching the O.C.

    To be honest, I am still quite confused by the whole new perspective argument. I am teaching tomorrow from a passage in Jeremiah which refers to justice and righteousness. So, I’ve been plowing through everything I can find to get the etymology and original meanings of those words. That seems to be the background for the whole new perspective debate. But, after reading a ton, I am still at a loss. It seems to me that the words meant different things in different contexts, so I don’t see the point of trying to overemphasize one meaning to uphold a theological system. I think Wright makes a lot of great points on many things, but I will have to keep digging to fully grasp what seems to be some of his pet doctrines.

    Dave Bazan is the man. Get his solo EP.

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