NT Wright gaining ground…

I am almost finished with Evil and the Justice of God, which I will highly recommend to, well, everyone. But, I must quote one line which I am pleased to say came from Wright’s mouth and not some of my other “heroes” (who get labeled as bigots quote often):

…somehow feminists never campaign that the satan should be referred to as “she”…

I am officially a much bigger Wright fan now than ever before.



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4 responses to “NT Wright gaining ground…

  1. That is an interesting thought, I’ve never really thought about it reversing like that. Wright might be right. Okay that was sad, sorry…

  2. Rob

    You have to read the book. Just finished it today. The conclusion is basically his own understanding of (and plug for) Exclusion & Embrace. Greatness.

  3. Have you read Volf’s book? It is incredible really. I’ve wanted to read Wright’s new one but I am having a tough time of deciding where it fits in my pile of must read books. Good to hear that you liked it though. How’s the weather there? It is absolutely crazy here!

  4. Rob

    I read Wright’s new book in a few hours. It’s pretty short, but it must be read if you plan on getting his 4th book in the series.

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