College Basketball is Here!!!


North Carolina beat Winthrop tonight, it was a tough game but Tyler Hansbrough (pictured above) led the way once again. He’s a great player, and he’s just a sophomore! I have been a North Carolina fan for years now, and I can’t really explain why I became a fan in the first place but I am one and thats that. My family has a tradition of watching the Duke/UNC games (Dad and sister are Duke fans, mom sides with me on UNC), and now that my sister is returning from Mexico I am sure we will revive the tradition. I present this information because I want to share a prediction… North Carolina will beat Duke in both conference games this year! That hasn’t happened in a while but it will happen this year.

 My rant concerning UNC is just part of my overall excitement about the return of college basketball. This is my favorite time of year, and during at least one moment each day I am glued to the television, either watching a game or watching highlights on ESPN. I know, its sad isn’t it? But at least I’m honest. Oh, right now ORU is beating Kansas! We’ll see how long that lasts. Well, back to the television, sorry. Will post later…


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