Well I have returned from Oklahoma City and let me just say that I was really impressed with the effort by both the Fusion Church community and those who attended the benefit concert. There was tons of winter clothing provided for those in need, and there was a lot of great music to be heard. All the acts were great, but I got to hear a new act that just blew my mind last night, and that is The Sherree Chamberlain Band. Amazing lyrics and vocals, and Sherree is only 20 years old. They’re from Stillwater, but I guess something good is bound to come out of there from time to time.

Last but not least, I want to congratulate Rob Davis, who spearheaded this whole thing and is formulating Convergence, which seeks to promote the arts as well as help out communities in OKC. Rob is an avid Lesslie Newbigin reader, and his life speaks so much of what it means to live missionally. Rob and friends are going to be starting up more events in the near future so check out his site.



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3 responses to “Convergence

  1. Literature Lover

    Thanks for the link. I enjoyed listening to Sherree. I think I like her song, Cradle the Moon, the best. She has a great sound even in the rough cut.

  2. Seeing her live was amazing! Her band is supposed to be putting out an EP soon that will have more of a studio sound. Can’t wait to hear that…

  3. Rob

    Thanks bro. Glad you came out and enjoyed. I love you.

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