Stranger Nonfiction


 I have yet to see the film Stranger than Fiction, starring Will Ferrell, Emma Thompson, and Dustin Hoffman. Even so, I have read reviews and a synopsis of the film that give me somewhat of a clear idea as to what is going on. I love the premise by the way. What I wanted to say was that there is a certain continuum I see with certain films as of late, and I think that what is offerred in these films is very telling of how the gospel can change people. Now, before I go on, let me just say that I don’t feel that the writers and directors nor the producers are really speaking from this perspective, but the truth that they are conveying is a truth that I want to hold on to.

Films such as Finding Neverland, Big Fish, and Adaptation tell us that story is important. The truth is that we don’t live by mere propositions or ideals even, but that we see ourselves involved in a story. It may be a story of complete fabrication, maybe it is one that needs changing, or one that is being challenged, but in the end we are deeply embedded in a story. Personally, I think a good story is to be truly valued, and I think that is why I have some hope for the gospel. The gospel is a story, or maybe as C.S. Lewis called it, the story of Jesus is the one true myth. Let’s reclaim what story really is and how it can transform us.


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  1. Literature Lover

    This movie looks great. It’s on my list as well.

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