Cold is Hell


The community I was a part of in OKC, Fusion Church, is having a benefit concert tomorrow night (Saturday) to provide clothes for those in need. Some of my friends are going to be playing as well and I am really excited to see the turnout. To me, this is a truly missional act on the part of this church to provide for those in need as well as call others to service. I’m getting this info out late, but if you would like more info, check out





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2 responses to “Cold is Hell

  1. Sara Blackburn

    As one who is “in the business of rescue” (as some like to say at the mission) I think this is a really amazing way to help those in need. I love projects that provide something, entertainment or otherwise, for the “average citizen” while reaching out to those who are truly deeply in need. I hope that this type of project will become more and more common in the future. It’s great to hear of a church who is actually willing to do what the church is called to do. Can’t wait to hear how it all turns out!!

  2. Literature Lover

    What a idea. I love the poster!

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