Introducing Eric Jensen- A Fellow Pilgrim



As I pondered a return to blogging, I realized that one of the things I missed most about writing was the response from readers. I like the conversations that can grow from writing and the many ways that we begin to “rethink” things we thought were so concrete and fixed. Deep, engaging dialogue forces us to really deal with the issues, not gloss over them and take them for granted. One of my favorite conversation partners is my best friend Eric Jensen, who himself is a writer and a very reflective and thoughtful person.  I have asked Eric to be a fellow contributor to this blog,  and I look forward to the conversations that can be created here.  So, Eric, make yourself at home….


By the way, Eric is on the right (brown shirt), I  am on the left (with thumb ring!)



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3 responses to “Introducing Eric Jensen- A Fellow Pilgrim

  1. Heather

    this is great, i was kind of wondering how long your hiatus would last. speak on, brother.

  2. I couldn’t honestly stay away forever, thanks for the comment.

  3. Literature Lover

    Welcome Eric! I’m looking forward to hearing from both of you. 😉

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