Rob Bell to be in Oklahoma City

Rob Bell, author of Velvet Elvis and well known speaker 

Rob Bell, author of Velvet Elvis and pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan, is going on a speaking tour and one of his stops will be in Oklahoma City at the Diamond Ballroom on July 14th. The link is here. His tour is called ‘Everything is Spiritual’, and if there is anybody I would actually pay to hear speak, it would be this guy. He brings a fresh perspective to the faith using history, especially Jewish history, to provide a great context for understanding much of what Jesus talked about. I first heard of him through my friend Brian, and he was preaching out of Leviticus! Not too many pastors do that, and not too many keep my attention doing that either. From what I’ve heard, he has shaved his head while preaching and he also brought live sheep onstage while he was speaking at Willow Creek! If you haven’t heard of him, listen to his teachings online or pick up a Nooma video. If anyone wants to go, I am planning on driving down to OKC that night and coming back that night as well.

Let me know…



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2 responses to “Rob Bell to be in Oklahoma City

  1. Hey, I’m definitely interested in going, let me know more info.

  2. My wife and I went to OKC for this. Wow! It started a chain reaction of thoughts and conversations. We were not let down.

    Hope it was effective for you as well.

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