I had a lover, its so hard to risk another

Have you ever broken up with anyone and felt that sense that you maybe made a mistake or that you were really risking something by moving on from them for someone else? Well, today I made that jump. I got online and ended my subscription to Netflix and have chosen to go with Blockbuster. I’m so attracted to being able to have movies shipped to me and yet still have the ability to go to an actual store and pick up a movie at random.

This is not to say that I have not appreciated you Netflix. You have been a constant friend and have showed me so much over the past couple of months. Who knows, I may humbly come back to your doorstep, ask forgiveness and tell you how much I missed you. I hope you will not be too upset with my decision. This is just what works for me now. And know this, it is not you, it’s me. I just can’t do this right now.

Take care


– Pilgrim



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5 responses to “I had a lover, its so hard to risk another

  1. your post is too funny. i’ve been waiting for those promised ramblings and it seems I haven’t seen you in a while, either. hope you’re doing well.

  2. NetFLix: Your giving me the it’s not you its me routine?

  3. First off, when Al Gore invented bloging he never intended it to be a place for cathartic attempts to relieve ones guilt. Daniel you are my friend so I will support you in this decision even though I think you will regret it. However, I will never tell you “I told you so!” I have found that easier and cheaper does not necessarily mean a better relationship. I used to feel guilty every time someone saw my blockbuster card in my wallet. Once it fell out in front of a bunch of people. I don’t want people to think I go there all the time. I just liked having it in case I really get the urge to see a movie. It provided me some security in case it happens. It was fun at first especially when anytime you are in the mood they are on every street corner, but in time I discovered that I was only contributing to the denigration of all video stores. Before long every video store was trying to look like the popular one and eventually when I did want a long term relationship with a video store; I didn’t want one that changed its rental plans with the wind and that everyone else had used. I wanted a unique, fun, consistent one. And where were they all then? They were all in Utah owned by the same guy, wondering why they ever believed they would get invited over to my house. Maybe it will work out differently for you.

  4. Stefani

    Oh my Daniel. I miss you. We never talk anymore, I never see you, and I cry myself to sleep almost every night thinking of you. Give me your address, we will write letters, it will be romantic, I won’t tell Greg.

    You’re giving me the ‘It’s not you, It’s me’ routine? I invented ‘It’s not you, it’s me’. Nobody tells me it’s them not me! If it’s anybody, it’s me!

    Call me.

  5. Stef,
    I just can’t do that to Greg, he is just too good of a guy to do that to, plus he likes Dr.Pepper. What’s not to like about him? And, as if you didn’t read the above post, I am in a relationship right now, and things are going too well for me to just up and leave already.

    Thanks for your concern but Blockbuster is treating me so well right now. And I’m not ashamed to be a card-carrying member of BB. Sorry if that saddens you.

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