I will post soon!!!

I have been mighty busy lately, and I just scrapped a post that I have actually worked on for a couple of days. Dang. Anyways, I am going to actually plan out some posts for the near future, here they are in no set order:

 (1) The Historical Jesus and the current quest and its implications for the church

 (2) A series of posts on my current read, Exclusion and Embrace by Miroslav Volf. Excellent topic: forgiveness, but with social implications for both the church and the world.

 (3) My plans for the next couple of years, involving a trip to Europe and my attempt to find a grad school (may need your help with this!)

 (4) And a general, “Where am I now?” post. Which every blogger should post from time to time. For some of us that is a daily post!

Ok I hope I have not lost many of you due to infrequent posting. I will be back Friday. Til then….



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2 responses to “I will post soon!!!

  1. You should post on the great insights you have from the golf range along with hearing M. Borg tell you that resistance if futile.

  2. I will post on Borg, I’ll do it tomorrow. He had some good words to say on the issue of justice. Did you like my Star Trek reference? It will be my only one!

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