“Why don’t you just tell me what movie you want to see?” – Kramer

My sister Amber, has requested that I write a post concerning the movies I recommend of late or want to see in the near future. I have decided to acquiesce and therefore here is a short list of some films I have enjoyed recently (in no subsequent order):

(1) Lord of War – Fictional tale about an arms dealer who profits off of war and death. Rethinks the idea of WMD's.

(2) Syriana– What is the real price of oil? A haunting story about the lengths we will go to preserve this product.

(3) Elizabethtown– First of all, Cameron Crowe made an excellent soundtrack to the film, but at the same time I do love movies about road trips, and I really enjoyed this one (I even ignored Orlando Bloom's poor acting job!)

(4) The Constant Gardener– Great story and great acting.

(5) Sometimes in April– HBO produced drama depicting the genocide of Rwanda. Unbelievable….

Okay, now to movies that I am looking forward to watching:

(1) A History of Violence – I just hear great things about this one.

(2) Capote– Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a great actor. Enough said.

(3) The Corporation– documentary on how big business transforms culture.

(4) Good Night and Good Luck– film about McCarthyism and how many people responded to it. Might have some insightful applications to our contemporary context.

Well, there we have it. If you have seen any of these, please let me know what you thought and give me any recommendations you have for future viewing. Take care.



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10 responses to ““Why don’t you just tell me what movie you want to see?” – Kramer

  1. Hello and this is Movie Fo! Great Blog title!

    Hey Good Night and Good Luck is a great piece of film making about one of the most interesting times in American History. Lots of parallels between Americcan religious fundementalism (protestant style) and Mcarthyism. Interesting note is a person who was considered sympathetic to communism was also called a fellow traveller…I guess my blog site would have raised a few eyebrows back then:)

    The soundtrack to Elizabeth town is incredible. I heard that Cameron Crowe wrote the movie around the soundtrack. Simply brilliant to me.

  2. That was a shorter haitus than I expected. You’ve been finishing out a blog and posting a couple times here, finding God under a Car (Which the 2008 Ford Bronco shouldn’t have that problem) 😉

    Anyway, if you count all of the titles that you mention above I would have to say the only one I have seen is Seinfeld. I have been told to see Elizabethtown etc, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

    Good luck with your movie ventures.

  3. Dino
    I had no idea as a fellow traveller you are so subversive! Way to go on that. Hey, we really need to meet up over lunch or coffee sometime soon.

    Elizabethtown is really good. Maybe a bit sentimental at times but overall its a great story and I thought the depiction of life in the Midwest was hilarious. You’ll love the soundtrack.

  4. Now you said that I’d love the Soundtrack and I saw that on Amazon there was the Soundrack and the Score.


    I see people like Morning Jacket and some others you have recommended to me in the past. Which do you mean when you say I’d like it?

  5. If you were to purchase one, get the soundtrack. Great tunes on there. I just think you would like the soundtrack because to me it is like the Garden State soundtrack for the midwest. My Morning Jacket is unbelievable by the way!

  6. Aaron

    You know sharps batman is better than superman. I just wanted to say my peace!

  7. Aaron

    Superman never required a sidekick. That is all I have to say.

  8. History of Violence was quite good. I’ve gotten in a few disputes with friends over what, exactly, the ending means though. Very thought provoking.

  9. Nathan

    Thanks for the heads up. I have enjoyed the recent trend to make graphic novels into films (e.g. Road to Perdition, V for Vendetta, and the visually stunning Sin City). I am anxious to see History of Violence, and I really like the list of actors in the film as well. I hope Netflix sends it soon. Peace

  10. Rob

    Elizabethtown is overhyped, overrated. The soundtrack is greatness, though.

    Did you watch The Corporation yet? Legitimous.

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