Derek Webb: Modern Day Prophet?

Derek Webb has a new album out called Mockingbird, and it is really good. Here are some lyrics to his song, A New Law, which is simply awesome, convicting, and brutally authentic:

A New Law

(vs. 1)
don’t teach me about politics and government
just tell me who to vote for
don’t teach me about truth and beauty
just label my music
don’t teach me how to live like a free man
just give me a new law

i don’t wanna know if the answers aren’t easy
so just bring it down from the mountain to me

i want a new law
i want a new law
gimme that new law

(vs. 2)
don’t teach me about moderation and liberty
i prefer a shot of grape juice
don’t teach me about
loving my enemies
don’t teach me how to listen to the Spirit
just give me a new law


what’s the use in trading a law you can never keep
for one you can that cannot get you anything
do not be afraid
do not be afraid
do not be afraid

For more of Derek Webb, check out



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4 responses to “Derek Webb: Modern Day Prophet?

  1. Those are incredible lyrics.

  2. Rob

    I have to disagree. I think Derek picked a great title for this record, as it is basically some great quotes recycled and put to music. I’ve listened to the album maybe twice since I bought it. I don’t think Derek is living up to his own standards of what makes “good Christian art.”

  3. Interesting response. Where do you think he should have taken this album? I realize that some of the things he is saying sound repetitive to those of us who are trying to understand justice from a Christian mindset, but I don’t think many artists have approached the subject. If I could say anything about it, I would say that I wish he would’ve went more abstract with the album. I’m up for more of a storytelling approach.

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