Definitions Redux

***This is my new blog, my old blog will now be functioning as a book/music/film/overall culture review. I hope that my readers will continue to visit my old site and give thoughts in response to my posts.***

Here is the post that I started with on my first blog, I have been doing some “re-thinking” as us Rivendell folk like to say and I have decided to make some changes in my approach and understanding of my purpose in writing. So here is the new version. Enjoy:

Just what exactly do I mean by “Pilgrim Ramblings”? Webster’s Dictionary defines the word pilgrim as : traveler, especially one who is on a sacred journey. I like to keep this image in my head that somehow I myself am on a sacred journey, and this journal (blog) is part of that and my hope is that ideas and new thoughts can spring up from the well of discussion on God and theological subjects that take place here. I like to think of this as the “sacred” part of the journey. But also what is bound to follow are my own and others “ramblings”. Webster’s defines ramble as: leisurely stroll – or to wander aimlessly. This is significant to me because I can tend to ramble and thus wander about aimlessly in conversation and in life. So implied in all of this is tension, a tension of being missional, participating in the kingdom of God and being satisfied in God’s glory, while at the same time expressing my finititude in understanding this world that God has created. This blog represents that and will continue to do so. I am on a journey and I have goals, but at times I have the tendency to walk about without direction, even when it is thrown directly in my face. I think most people resonate with this tension, and the purpose of my blog is not to shy away from it but articulate the struggle.

I look forward to your thoughts….



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2 responses to “Definitions Redux

  1. heather

    “at the same time” could be your motto.

    am i going to have to type my email address everytime? its really long, you know.

  2. I, too, share the affinity for the word “pilgrim.” I hope to plant a church one day, “Pilgrimage Community.” I have been reading your other blog for a month or so now. Before you really get this blog going strong, might I suggest something that I have done.
    You will, without a doubt, consider migrating your blog elsewhere in the future. I would suggest, you simply get a domain name ( which, I believe is available…today). I use MyDomain as my registrar. It is $8.50 a year, and you get free URL forwarding. So, you can keep you blog right where it is, but others can get to it by simply typing Then, if you ever port it elsewhere in the future, you just change your URL forwarding. People that use RSS will have to change it then, but those who visit the URL will not know it has changed.
    Just a thought from a fellow pilgrim.

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