Twin Cities

My vacation started today, I have a week off from work and my trip to Minnesota begins Saturday morning. Today I spent most of my time cleaning my room and sorting out the beautiful mess that resided there previously. I will be taking a lot of photos this week, some from the Piper conference, the Mall of America, and hopefully Solomon’s Porch new building. My birthday is next Wednesday so I am sure there will be photos of the fiesta that commence there as well. I will post some photos when I return next Thursday. Talk to you then….

UPDATE: Ok I know that I promised that I would post some pics online from my trip but things have been very busy here. I will post them by the weekend, if not then I will take all my readers out to dinner!



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5 responses to “Twin Cities

  1. Have a great trip and birthday!!

  2. h b

    while you’re away i’m going to play with all of your cool birthday presents.


    I wanted to get this for you on your Birthday, but they were all out at Mardel’s.

  4. Della,

    That was hilarious. For a second, I thought that was real and I was scared. I was sure that if it were real, Willowcreek or Saddleback would use it to train young leaders on how to build a church!

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