Air Apparent?

I was checking out the NBA’s official website tonight when I came across this blog from Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan’s former teammate. He wrote an interesting post on why you can’t compare Kobe Bryant and his 81-point performance to what Jordan did or could have done in this era. Now, I believe that what Kobe did was incredible no doubt about it, but the NBA is unlike the league that Jordan and Pippen used to play in. Defense is simply not a priority and the league rules on team defense have changed so much that a defensive wizard such as Pippen himself could not have guarded offensive players in the same manner. Since shooting percentages and point production have decreased over the last 5-10 years, I believe the NBA realized that to keep a strong fan base, they needed to make any attempt to increase scoring that they could. Anyways, though what Kobe did Sunday night is unbelievable, I think that Jordan could have equaled if not trumped Bryant’s performance if he were to be in his prime today. I will admit this, if Kobe can get his head together and start playing team basketball, as Jordan did, he could become a better player than Jordan. I never thought I would say that…


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