Home sick

I have been at home for the last two and half days sick as a dog. Here are some things that have helped me pass the time:

(1) Arrested Development Season 2

(2) iTunes

(3) Picking a new cell phone network and plan

(4) 7up

(5) Sportscenter

I think the worst thing I have realized about myself as I have been home is that even with long periods of time to study, meditate, and pray with God, I still choose to consume myself with mindless things. I am in need of some repentance at this point.



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3 responses to “Home sick

  1. Oh you poor thing! Do you need anything? Your LOST series back? ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ve got it now and we can bring it. I know what you mean about filling your time with mindless things. I do that too. I hate that.

  2. Thanks

    I think you could help right now by not bringing LOST to me, otherwise that just might prolong my problem. Thanks again for the offer though. Well I hope to be back on my feet by tomorrow and I hope to see you Saturday night!Congrats on the Anniversary!

  3. i’m sorry you are sick and WOW! i can totally relate with you and literaturelover in the whole filling your time with mindless things. why do we do that? (rhetorical question) thanks for your honesty and sharing your brokenness in the midst of feeling miserably sick. i hope you feel better soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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