Happy New Year (early)

Here are two reasons why I am already anticipating 2006:

In late January/ early February, I am going with some good friends to the Twin Cities to attend John Piper’s Desiring God conference! From what Steve has said, I will most likely be in the bookstore the whole time. We will be going to Piper’s church on a Sunday morning and then we are going to Solomon’s Porch that night. I think this will be a great trip, but it will be very, very, very cold!

Then, on February 27th, Heather and I will be heading to OKC to see Fiona Apple and Coldplay! I’m not as much of a Fiona Apple fan as Heather is, but I must see Coldplay before I die, and even though I don’t expect that anytime soon, I must take proper action when I am faced with an opportunity such as this!

What are you aniticipating in 2006?



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2 responses to “Happy New Year (early)

  1. that is so exciting to be going to hear John Piper! what an incredible blessing that will be! and concerts are always so much fun! I’ll probably be participating in some of those in 2006

    i’m anticipating major life changes in 2006 (my stepdaughter and stepson are coming to live with us, I’m going to be back in school, new home, new car, as well as some things that I don’t know anything about yet), so there is a mix of excitement and anxiety. i always look forward to the New Year – I find a lot of hope in the many ways God reminds us of renewal and new beginnings.

  2. You guys are going to have so much fun at that conference. I can only imagine all the discussions that will follow. Now I’ve gotta think of some conference that the ladies can get away to! 😉

    As far as what I’m anticipating in 2006, it’s my attempt at better organization. (Notice I said attempt) I love the start of a new year! The excitement of the unexpected coming around the corner.

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