The Gospel According to Superman


It’s not that I wasn’t already excited enough for the new Superman movie to come out, but the teaser trailer just sparked a religious experience within me. You can watch it here. If you watch it, please listen to how the narrator (Marlon Brando), talks about the only son, the light, and the sending of the son into a world that has the capacity for good but doesn’t know how to find it. I really don’t know what director Bryan Singer’s spiritual background is, and Christ themes are endless already in the Superman story, but the trailer just captured it beautifully. Maybe I sound like a huge nerd, but I just got so excited watching it. If you have the chance, please check it out.




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2 responses to “The Gospel According to Superman

  1. you know, Daniel, when Kara and I went to see the Harry Potter movie, we saw a preview for the new Superman movie and I know what you mean. when it was over, we both looked at each other like, “Wow! Where’s that going? Who knew there was a ‘gospel according to Superman?’ At least, I think that’s what the look was. πŸ™‚ It’s definitely on my must-see list and I’ll have to catch the trailer again. And you are not a big nerd. πŸ™‚

  2. ertryytyt

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