If you could just help me out this once…

Hello all

The next Emergent Cohort meeting is Thursday, December 8th @ 10:30am in Nordaggio’s at 81st and Lewis.

For the next meeting, Paul, Kyle and I have to present and facilitate a conversation about salvation (what it means, what Jesus won in his death and resurrection, theological and exegetical thoughts, etc.) Anyways, I was hoping that this blog might be a source of inspiration, therefore, I request that if you have any thoughts about the subject, please feel free to email me or comment on the ole blog. I find that fruitful conversation and dialogue often produces healthy responses to difficult questions. Take care.

– Daniel


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One response to “If you could just help me out this once…

  1. I think that Salvation is a method of living one’s life, that is, of seeing one’s relationship between self and others, self and the earth, and self and God. We can’t do it alone, or just in our head. I think salvation always requires some kind of community.

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