Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

So I was working at Tulsa Regional last night in the Children’s Unit (ages 5 – 10) when all of a sudden one boy said to another, “Do you believe in heaven?”. The peer responded, rather perturbed because he was interrupted while coloring, ” I don’t know if I believe in heaven.” Finally, another boy chimed in to say, “Just wait six years, you will see heaven then.”

Wait, what was that? Six years? Did I just witness a prophetic statement by an eight year old? Well probably not, I just thought that it was really funny. Kids just say the weirdest damn things imaginable. I chose not to intervene or contribute my 2 cents. I think they all came to an agreement that maybe they would all see heaven in six years. I hope they find it eventually…

In other news, I have another book plug, but this one’s really worth it:

Return of the Prodigal Son, by Henri Nouwen


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  1. dan,

    i love this book, i read the whole thing in b and n about six months ago. sorry i didnt respond last night, this week has been long and i just fell asleep. jared and i are still coming next weekend i think. word,


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