You’re Just Not Who I Thought You Were

Today I received an email under this header:

You once had long, hard erections. What has happened to you?

I thought this was the funniest email I had ever received. I guess the loss of a perpetual erection has really changed my character. To any of you who have been offended by my omnipotence, I truly apologize and I sincerely plead with you that I am the same old Daniel you know and love.

The other thing I love about this email is that the sender appears genuinely concerned, as if there is a sense of urgency and this friend is somehow performing an intervention so that I might live a healthy, productive life.

We have such a sex-crazed society… it is really so sad.

On a more worthwhile note, I am reading a wonderful book on the atonement called

Violence, Hospitality, and the Cross by Hans Boersma

Boersma is a Reformed theologian who is trying to integrate the three main views of the atonement ( Moral- Influence, Christus Victor, and Substitutionary Atonement) into one whole framework. What is most interesting are Boersma’s challenges and responses to contemporary scholars. He challenges postmodern philosophers Derrida and Levinas in light of their views on hospitality, and he takes on Girard’s view of mimetic desire and scapegoating in light of traditional readings of the Gospels. Having taken some course work in religious violence, Boersma’s work (in relation to Girard) is exciting and important so that a traditional narrative of the atonement of Christ is still set forth. If you have the chance, buy this book!!!




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5 responses to “You’re Just Not Who I Thought You Were

  1. i think the amount of obscene advertisement lobbed out daily to the general public is ridiculous. even the cartoons on “kidTV” display nose jobs and booty shaking as if it were the norm for 12 yr old girls. i am just glad that i have a boy! hopefully he won’t come home from the mall with a pair of shorts that say “hottie” on the butt…

    I can’t believe the companies that send those mass mailings are willing to expose children to sexually explicit emails for the sake of a buck.

  2. heather
    i agree with you wholeheartedly. i think the church has to become more emphatic on this issue of sexuality (or distorted sexuality). not in the american moral, right-wing sense. but rather to embody a way of life that liberates people sexually. politics is not the way to go, orthopraxy is.

  3. sex has become such a tabu subject because of the way it is defined in our daily lives. John Q. Public rarely hears any discussions with the base being that it is a gift from God to be explored in the confines of marriage. i realize i am not an authority or example on the matter, having a son and all, but luckily I serve a forgiving God 🙂 I think Kyle’s little excerpt one sunday morning is the only time i’ve heard sex reffered to in the above manner lately. kyles such a good talker…

  4. Nice to have you back.

  5. Josh

    You need to freaking blog. I am tired of seeing your last post in August. Excuse me for my rant, how are you man?


    Kyle is a great speaker. And Heather, I think you are setting a great example of living in response to God’s mercy. I could only hope that more people like you come to Rivendell and share their lives like you have. Take care

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