Revamping, Rethinking, Remaking…

There will be some blog silence on my part as I decide how to adequately use this blog once and for all. I do not believe in writing for the sake of writing (i.e., simply writing down random events in a meaningless life) as many bloggers choose to do. This may seem to be a contradiction to the goal of this blog, yet the subtle difference is that I find the whole of life meaningful, and I will seek to describe that which may appear random as actually having meaning when it is seen in a larger context (narrative).

Thus, I am rethinking this blog in terms of its purpose, my goal, and what might impress on others (if it will help them on their journey as well). Ultimately, that larger context I was talking about is what I want to drive this blog (namely, the gospel of the kingdom of God). I want this promoted more than anything. Or, at least, I want to want that. Later…


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  1. Jeeze, I think you’ve thought enough. Less thinking, more writing!

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