And it was all Yellow

My late grandfather used to hoard everything. Since his passing, my parents have been cleaning his house to help my grandmother get around but also to get rid of all the valueless crap that he has accumulated throughout the years. At times he had collected some good stuff, but often he would let it go to waste. During the early process of cleaning out his home, we found numerous telephone books, some dating as far back as 1983. Moreover, my grandfather also had a vast collection of calculators, yet most of them did not work. Still, he would purchase them at thrift stores and try to fix them, even when the calculators available today have far surpassed the ones he owned in terms of technology. My point in articulating this is that there was a certain madness that drove him, propelled by an insatiable desire for “stuff”. If one were to try and understand the method to his madness I believe that one would go mad as well.

This past weekend I moved out of my one bedroom apartment in Norman, and as I was cleaning my own home I found 10 telephone books and over a dozen calculators! Now, this gave me a most definite scare and I will say that I promptly trashed all the books and the calculators that did not work anymore. Whether this madness is hereditary is yet to be seen, but I will now watch with a keen eye on what I collect and thus deem valuable. I suggest you do the same…


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