Turning Your Orbit Around

Our love
Our love is all of God’s money

– Wilco, “Jesus,etc.”

I feel lately that nothing makes sense except this (above) statement. We as Christians have so systematized, organized, and indoctrinated people that everything that encapsulates meaning is conveyed and embraced in statements. Along with this we turn scripture into statements that are meant to simply be agreed upon and believed. Much like the phrase “God is love”. Have we simply taken this for granted? What does this simple yet profound statement do to us?

I think we need to begin to listen to the viewpoint of women when it comes to understanding God. I think that most women understand God as mostly a loving and nurturing father. I am by no means saying that as men we don’t have the capacity to view God in loving ways but we seem to want a God of wisdom and knowledge more than we want a God that will do anything to have us. Now for those reading who might be more reformed in mindset, I am not supporting the theory that God “needs” us. However, you cannot escape the language that is used by Jesus when talking about the love of the father towards his children. As for female perspective, I believe there exists a humble and vulnerable quality that says “I need something beyond myself”. With a woman there is always a sense of otherness, a thing that is desired beyond herself. I find it amazing that the Bible often uses wisdom in feminate language. Wisdom begins with love and is motivated by it and best explained through it. Love is the language that the Bible speaks through.

Any women care to explain this better?



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2 responses to “Turning Your Orbit Around

  1. Do you want a reformed female’s perspective? Well, here goes. But I don’t think that just reformed girls think this way.

    I think you’re right in saying that as a female, at least from my perspective, I look towards God as a loving and nurturing father. I also look to Him as the Head, or the Bridegroom, of the Church. In both scenarios, I trust Him to know me better than I do, and know what I need better than I do.

    I am humbled to think that He accepts me as I am, a whore. (Mardel’s, there is no need to boycott my post) Isn’t that how we are described, and isn’t an accurate portrayal of our devotion. I am humbled to think that even when I was dead in my sin, not being able to do anything of worth, He graciously breathed life into me, and I was able to see my sinfulness, and ultimate need of Him. His grace was/is irresistable to my broken spirit. There was/is no way I could turn away from His gift of love to my hateful heart.

    Is this what you were talking about? Is it too cluttered with cliches? Sometimes when it comes out, it sounds a little to good to be true, almost like a commercial for Viagra.

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