I Might Be a Futurist…

Can anyone tell me what a futurist is by the way? How do you get that job? How does that become your vocation? I don’t exactly know why I am posting about this vocation but I think it is just because I like using and writing the word ‘futurist’.

I know there are some futurists that are hired by businesses and even churches to guess future trends in society. I think this is rather funny by the way, at least I think the hiring process must be. Do they look at past predictions you made to help them decide if you are employable or not? And not to be blasphemous, but is being a futurist a spiritual gift or does this just count as prophecy?!

I should become a futurist. In fact, I am going to start right now. This post will end… now!


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One response to “I Might Be a Futurist…

  1. My dad and I used to joke about job titles like this. It reminds me of the vocation of UFOlogist.

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