Valentine’s Day Massacre

I think Valentine’s day is from the devil. Seriously, there is no other holiday that makes people feel more lonely and unloved (even more than christmas) than this day. I will admit it, I have celebrated in the past and most of my life this day has never been too much of a problem. But here is my question: Why do we take one day out of the year to show how much we care for someone else? Maybe we should try to make our lives like Valentine’s day everyday. Same goes for christmas. I am not saying give gifts everyday (though the economy would soar), but let us try to make everyday special for someone else. I know, that is some of the most idealistic and naive jargon you have ever heard, but I need to believe it or I am turning to nihilism. I can’t do it perfectly, but I don’t think that is the point. What do you think?



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4 responses to “Valentine’s Day Massacre

  1. i think i love you, in a completely homo sapien way

  2. Rob

    Cyn banned Valentine’s Day a few years ago. Yeah, it’s stupid.

  3. My biggest argument against the day is that, in my opinion, it has become a religious holiday for many. It has become ritualized just like any other religious act and that is scary. Too many people are falling at the altar of Cupid.

  4. valentines day is stupid. my wife and i don’t bother. a word to the wise – spontaneity is waaay more appreciated ; )

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