Fellow heretics unite!

“In one sense all theologies are heresies.” – Tony Campolo

Any time we begin to talk about God, no matter who it is or how it is being said (from a pulpit or on a front porch), we must realize that we are not speaking about a reality that any one of us has truly known or seen. I know people will say that you can see God’s action in the world or that we need something sovereign beyond us, therefore God is there. I am not talking about that. I believe God is out there, in me (though I seem to miss Him), and in the world. Simply I am just talking about the language and the metaphors we attribute to God when we talk about Him. Even when I use the masculine “He” that does not incapsulate who God is or begin to explain Him at all. C.S. Lewis in a poem-prayer says this,

“He whom I bow to only knows to whom I bow
When I attempt the ineffable Name, murmering Thou…”

He proceeds to acknowledge that when he says the Name of God, his best thoughts are mere fancies and symbols, which he knows “cannot be the thing thou art.” I can know God in relationship, begin to know more about Him, and be in awe of the things He has done and what He is doing now, but I cannot hope to explain Him and believe I have got it all right. Erwin Raphael McManus says that we will spend the rest of eternity trying to figure out who God is. He will always be a mystery. For some reason, that is one of the most comforting ideas I have ever heard.



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6 responses to “Fellow heretics unite!

  1. Rob

    A year ago I would’ve argued with you about this post. Right now, I’m with you…

  2. I used to be at that point as well, now I realize my limitation in speaking to or about God is another example of his grace.

  3. Anonymous

    i hate people that blog. it’s so gay. Especially about stuff like this. Go back home.

  4. Rob

    Dude you’ve really gotta read Proper Confidence. Newbigin goes into how we have such a natural inclination toward the modern view of “proof” but that there is nothing in the future we can know without a doubt, and there is nothing in the past that can be absolutely objectively “proven” in that way. It’s amazing stuff.

  5. you never post anymore

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