On this day….

On this day in history…

1945: Auschwitz death camp liberated
The Red Army liberates the Nazi’s biggest concentration camp at Auschwitz in southern Poland.

And we all wanted to know when…

1984: Michael Jackson burned in Pepsi ad
Michael Jackson has been rushed to hospital with burn injuries to his head after a stunt for a Pepsi commercial went wrong.

Check out the BBC history section and the On this day sections, they are great.



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3 responses to “On this day….

  1. Do also listen to the BBC radio specials. They have some pretty great stuff. If you want to listen to new british pop before it hits the states or if you just want to listen to a biography of Doris Day. Not that that would interest you much, but there are pretty good history specials too. Did you know that I used to be a history education major before a Human Relations major? Huh, I’ve wanted to be a lot of things.

  2. Yeah
    I was a history education major at one point as well. The bbc is great, and they have a cool history magazine as well.

  3. qwerhtyuy

    Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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