Evangelical Conscience?

Ronald J. Snider wrote an article recently for Books & Culture that is a scathing indictment of the morality of modern evangelicals. Using stats found in surveys from Gallup and Barna, Snider finds that divorce rates are often slightly higher or just about the same as most Americans in the last five years. He goes on to talk about the decrease in tithing and helping the poor, sexual disobedience, and racism. The section on racism alone is enough to make you vomit, especially about the Southern Baptists.You can read it yourself here: The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience.
George Barna himself says this, “Every day, the church is becoming more like the world it allegedly seeks to change”. I found this quote very interesting. Didn’t Jesus say something to us about being salt in the earth and a city on a hill? Was I reading that wrong? How in the hell do we think that people will look to us for hope if we live the exact same way that the dominant culture is living? And I am sorry Falwell and Robertson, but we have no right to tell the nation that we need Christian values if we don’t really have values to begin with. Didn’t Jesus say something about removing the plank from your own eye first? Was I reading that wrong? I need to remove mine and you need to remove yours. We need a new, humble hermeneutic to express to others. We need Jesus because without him our lives are in despair. I stole this quote from a friend but I believe it is an adequate assessment : Your life is shit without Jesus. I think the stats speak for themselves and I think most evangelicals need to examine Jesus and his teachings, I know I do. It is a good thing we voted for “moral values”!


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  1. Rob

    I was just telling Nate the other day something that I’ve become more aware of as life goes on — without Christ in my life, I would kill myself.

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